Insane Diesel EXTREME Bypass Oil Filters


Up to now an industrial secret, Insane Diesel bypass oil filters are the absolute BEST filters USA has to offer TO THE WORLD. Our patented filter elements ultra-fine filter your oil while your engine goes about its business. EXTREME keeps your oil up to 4X CLEANER THAN NEW OIL. The only bypass oil filter system IN THE WORLD with patented progressive filtering down to 1 MICRON. No filter is better.

Keeping your oil clean with our system means no more scheduled oil changes, change your oil only if and when needed and SAVE UP TO THOUSANDS during the lifespan of your vehicle.

• Eliminate “blind” oil changes
• Radically increase engine life
• Save money & reduce oil waste
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Progressive 10 to 1 micron filtration
• Catch 100% of water/moisture on
first pass
• Removes soot
• Go 15,000 miles or 1 yr before service
• Easy filter element replacement

The Only Bypass Oil Filter IN THE WORLD with Patented Progressive Filtering Down to 1 MICRON. No Filter Is Better.

  • Does not plug easily like other filters with static micron ratings or static layers
  • No other filter catches 100% of water/moisture on the first pass
  • Our filters get your oil cleaner than new oil
  • Other filters are mostly air ours are solid, high-density material
  • Ultra fine filtering down to 1 micron

Oil Analysis Kit


Analyze your oil to eliminate expensive “blind oil changes”. The best and most complete laser spectrum analysis tells you not only what is going on with your oil, but also what is going on in your engine.