Inside the Powerstroke Engine

The roots of the Powerstroke engine beginning in 2008, when Ford went a different path for its new generation of diesel. Rather than return back to the tried and true series of Super Duty diesel engine, a new platform was decided on. Nicknamed the Scorpion by in-house Ford engineers, the Powerstroke was born.

Ford aimed high with the new powerplant, and it's fair to say that they've hit their mark. Eleven years later, and the engine has generated an incredible following. Known for their bulletproof performance and excellent power output in a small form factor, the Powerstroke found a new home in the Ford F-Series.

Ford Powerstroke

Why Powerstroke?

It may be hard to believe now, but when Ford first decided on their Powerstroke move it wasn't a sure bet. Leaving the heavily dependable Super Duty diesel engine was a huge risk at the time, given the economic state of truck sales. What's more, this was Ford's third engine in just 6 years, which couldn't have been less reassuring to Blue Oval enthusiasts.

Other competitors such as RAM had gone with alternatives like the Cummins, which led to tremendous success. GM had beat Ford to the punch with their Duramax series, so it wasn't a surefire bet that the Powerstroke would succeed. 

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The Powerstroke Basics of the 6.7L

Unlike traditional iron cast diesel engines, the base Powerstroke engine is housed in compacted graphite iron. Opting for the lighter weight, superior heat dissipation attributes of the composite material, Ford definitely made a conscious focus on innovation. 

This Powerstroke fact is yet another reason why the success of the engine simply could not have been predicted at the time of Ford's decision.

powerstroke engine

6.7 Power Stroke Specifications

  • Powerstroke Compression : 16.2:1
  • Powerstroke Bore : 3.90 inches
  • Stroke : 4.25 inches
  • Turbocharger : GT32 single turbocharger setup
  • Horsepower : 400 hp
  • Torque : 800 lb-ft

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