WDP Featured in Engine Builder Magazine - Diesel Services

We are proud to announce that Wasatch Diesel Performance was recently featured in the latest issue of Engine Builder Magazine.

The article broke down some of our most common diesel performance upgrades. Many of these packages are our flagship offering at Wasatch Diesel Performance, bringing you diesel performance without compromise. Engine Builder's article goes in-depth with our shop and staff, the folks at Engine Builder outlined our popular Diesel Solution packages for diesel engines. 



Diving into what goes into our diesel solution packages, the article gives you a good grasp on the diesel performance leader in Utah. Our very own Ty Davis is heavily featured in the article, so check it out if you haven't already.

Inside our Diesel Services Packages 

The article in Engine Builder Magazine outlines our 6.0-liter diesel package, aimed specifically for the second generation of Ford’s Powerstroke diesel engines.

Speaking to the magazine, we delved deep into what goes into our Stage 3 Powerstroke diesel solution.

When you bring your Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke in for a full-tilt Stage 3 service, we go all the way. Starting with a complete inspection of your cylinder heads, installation of new head gaskets and ARP head studs is just the beginning.

Powerstroke Stage 3 upgrades also include an upgraded KC Turbo, PR EGR upgrade, an OEM oil cooler, an OEM high pressure oil pump, WDI injectors with new solenoids and upgraded spool valves and much much more!

Want to learn more? Check out the WDP article here. Take a look at page 48 for all the information on our diesel packages!

Looking for professional diesel services in Utah? Want to find the best diesel performance shop in your area? Look no further than Wasatch Diesel Performance! Give us a ring at (385) 202-7360 today!

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