Unlocking Power - Cummins Myths

When it comes to the power of Cummins diesel performance, there is a ton of misinformation out there. Whether you've heard these Cummins myths from a local shop or a tuner in your area at the latest meet, there can be a lot of misdirection that can delay your project or even derail it.

That's what our FAQ primer on Cummins performance is all about. When you want to turn up the power in your diesel turbo, dispelling these common Cummins myths can go a long way. 

Cummins Myths

Common Cummins Myths Debunked

It's an archaic and old design - Patentedly false information and one that's very common among diesel enthusiasts. In fact, the Cummins diesel has undergone a variety of upgrades throughout the generations. Some of these are geared towards ultimate power and relibality whereas others are meant to provide more comfort and less NVH.

Whatever you want out of your Cummins, the pros at WDP can help. Check here for our complete services guide. Why as recently as the 1980's these diesel engines were producing just 160 wheel horspower from a 12 valve engine. Today's modern Cummins is capable of much more, producing between 350-400 WDP depending on the transmission.

Reliability can be spotty - This is where diesel engine tuning makes all the difference in the world. Without the proper supporting modifications, simply slapping a new turbocharger or power adder onto your Cummins isn't the eend all be all.

Here's an in-depth look at how Cummins tuning can help you.

  1. Tuning helps lower EGTs while towing.  Lower EGTs maximize the life of your engine.
  2. With proper maintenance and driving, your Cummins can handle anything better than what leaves the factory stock. 
  3. Engine gauges go a long way towards monitoring the real time statistics of your truck and diesel engine.

68RFE Transmission are weak - Proper tuning of the 68RFE improves torque converter lock-up. Many Cummins owners are wary of this transmission, but in fact it's very reliable with the right mods.

Line pressure being added to the whole shift gives your truck a firm, great feeling. When you want more information regarding your diesel truck and how WDP can help you, drop us a line at (385) 202-7360.

Cummins Myths #1 - Fuel Economy will suffer

  • Better fuel economy does not come from simple deletes, it comes from tuning.
  • Better fuel economy is achieved with driving patterns, maintenance, and tuning.

You don't need tuning for your modified Cummins

Push your truck's horsepower and torque up 100 RWHP more than factory, and do it reliably with the right tuning. No matter what your truck or project is meant for, we can always use more power whether it's daily driving or towing.  More horsepower means more torque.


These are a few of the common Cummins myths that we hear from time to time., These are just some of the benefits you will find when tuning your Cummins. Cummins tuning is a great investment on your truck to help add more power and reliability. 

There are many factors to why you should push your truck to the next level.  Whether you need towing help, more horsepower at the track with your buddies, better throttle response, or for your transmission to shift a lot better, tuning is the fix to any of those. 

Want to learn how WDP can help you and your Cummins project? Drop us a line and let us know how we can assist!

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