Inside the 2020 Ford Super Duty Series

The news mill has been busy, as RAM and GM announced their new heavy-duty lineup of trucks. Not to be outdone, Ford has been slowly leaking 2020 Ford Super Duty news to stay in the news cycle. There's been a heavy refresh for the 2020 model year, and Ford doesn't look like they are pulling any punches.

At the heart of the redesigned 2020 Ford Super Duty is a variety of huge upgrades to technology and performance. The ever capable Super Duty family has been redesigned from the ground up, making huge strides in engine performance as well as creature comforts.

2020 Ford Super Duty

2020 Ford Super Duty Specifications

One of the first things you'll notice about the 2020 Ford Super Duty is the upgrade in aesthetics. However, if you think that's all Ford has up its sleeve, you would be wholly incorrect. The Super Duty series aims to raise the performance bar in 2020, with the highest payload as well as the best conventional gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Towing of any Ford Super Duty ever.

The Ford Powerstroke is on its third generation and could be the best yet. Ford's 6.7 liter Powerstroke diesel has a long list of upgrades for the 2020 Ford Super Duty. Upgraded efficiency is gained through a new turbocharger, and the new 2020 Powerstroke now operates at 36000 PSI. This brings the power output of the 2020 Ford Super Duty to a rousing 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque.

For gas fans, the 2020 Ford Super Duty will ditch the trusted 6.8 liter V10 that's used in medium duty applications. Instead there's a 7.3 liter option and that returns back to it's roots with a distinct choice to avoid overhead cams. The new block is made of iron while the heads are aluminum.

Enhancing durability is a forged steel crankshaft and piston cooling oil jets give your Super Duty engine cool. 

Could the 2020 Ford Super Duty Break 1000 ft-lbs?

Much has been made about the all new RAM breaking this legendary number. Producing a half-ton of torque is no small feat, but could Ford raise the bar even further? I wouldn't bet against them to match or produce more than the 1000 ft lbs found in the 2019 high output Cummins straight 6.

Ford's updated Super Duty family will also benefit from in all new 10-speed automatic transmission a beefed-up version of their production drivetrain.

2020 Ford Super Duty Technology

Unfortunately, details about the 2020 Ford Super Duty are a little scarce right now. Engine output has not been announced, the numbers behind towing and payload ratings are still a bit murky, but Ford promises to change this soon.

Of course the question on everyone's mind is how much will the new 2020 Ford Super Duty cost? One thing's for sure, there's nothing cheap about the technology that Ford has been able to cram into the new truck. 

From the jump, there's a host of upgrades that include a standard embedded 4G LTE modem. With support up to 10 devices, the 2020 Ford Super Duty also features optional goodies include wireless charging, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and much more. 

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