Insane Diesel Extreme Oil Filter Bypass Kits

We are extremely proud to announce that we now carry and stock a full lineup of Extreme Oil Filter Bypass kits from Insane Diesel. Every diesel owner knows just how vital oil is to your truck. Being able to deliver clean oil to your turbocharger and engine is critical to performance and reliability.

For owners who enjoy their trucks, keeping oil clean isn't always easy. Luckily, these Extreme oil kits are just the solution. These Extreme oil bypass kits allow you the ultimate in flexibility and performance. Insane Diesel has delivered with many applications for the Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax diesel engines.

Extreme oil bypass kit

Want to learn more? Check out the science behind the technology below.

Insane Diesel Extreme Oil Bypass Kits

Adding an additional oil filter kit, or an oil bypass kit can be a chore. Thankfully the pros at Diesel Extreme make it easy with their all in one Extreme oil bypass kits.

These kits allow you to retain the factory oil filter position while adding the ultimate in filtration performance. Because the Extreme oil bypass kit does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your engine oil clean, your engine can perform to it's fullest potential.

How are the Extreme bypass kits installed?

The Insane Diesel bypass filters are mounted on or close to the engine and are connected by a pressure line and a return line. The flexibility these lines give you to mount or come up with creative solutions is almost endless. 

There are several different methods that are used during install. The Extreme oil bypass kits utilize pressure ports already on the engine, requiring no funny business or modification.

What makes the Extreme oil bypass kit so great?

The oil bypass kit makes it easy by centralizing a modular extreme oil filter. This filter is easily changed on the fly, without the mess. The convenience of a custom ported oil filler cap when the original extreme oil filter system is installed makes it that much easier for you to keep your truck on the road.

What does this mean for you? The element needs to be changed once a year or every 15,000 miles on a diesel or 20,000 miles on a gas engine.

Insane Diesel recommends that you change the OEM oil filter at the same time, but many of our customers have reported that the stock filter is clean as a whistle. That's how effective the Extreme oil bypass system really is.

How does the Extreme work so well?

Every engine makes plenty of extra oil pressure and often much of it is just wasted. Shunting the oil back to the oil pan before it goes anywhere, these oil bypass kits take a little of that extra oil at a time and returns it safely to the engine clean as a whistle.

Extreme's patented progressive filtering technology outperforms any other competitors bypass filters. The Extreme oil bypass kits can filter out a stunning four hundred times more contaminants than OEM filters while filtering down to a level 10 times better than OEM filter.

What's this mean for you? Clean engine oil, no more blind oil changes, all in a oil bypass sytems that's cleaner, easier, quicker and still cheaper than the competition.

Want more information about these Extreme oil filter kits? Check out our catalog here. For more new products, diesel news and tech, subscribe to Wasatch Diesel Performance today.

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