Engine Oil Filters and You - Why Oil Filter Bypasses are Worth It

Diesel engines have come a long way since their inception over 100 years ago, making clean oil crucial to longevity. The modern engine today is more efficient, powerful and requires clean, effective oil that lubricates and cools components. This is all the more reason why you should invest in a oil filter bypass.

As with all things the diesel engine has evolved and changed. Luckily, engine lubrication filtration has kept pace with engine technology. Technology like oil filter bypass kits that ensures your engine has clean oil and makes maintenance a breeze.

The use of advanced synthetics has tremendously improved our filter performance in all the areas that matter. Clean oil is the key to keeping your engine running smoothly. 

Why Oil Filter Bypasses are Worth It

While engines theoretically all perform the same job, the way in which they accomplish it is vastly different. However different they may be, clean oil is essential. Contaminated oil leads to damage and early engine failure.

Everyone knows the normal "rules" behind the oil change. You want to change the oil frequently enough to not push your oil beyond what it can do. When oil breaks down, so do bearings, cams, guides and much much more.

What experts in the industry continue to say however, is that you should invest in the right oil filter bypass kit. Doing so gives your diesel the best chance at living a long life. 

What are bypass filter kits?

By definition, by-pass filters filter a small amount of fluid in a by-pass loop that is returned to sump after the oil is filtered.

These kinds of kits are generally used to remove contaminants. Without the right bypass filter kit in place on your truck, you run the risk of causing damage directly to your engine. 

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