Behind the Scenes at the 2019 Parker 425 Race

Wasatch Diesel Performance represented at the 2019 Parker 425 race last weekend in Parker, AZ. The annual race is held and traditionally pits some of the world's fastest off-road vehicles in the world. Our very own Ty Davis accompanied the Adonia Race Team as their lead mechanic for their pit and lent his invaluable talents to both #26 Dave Taylor and #6121 Ryan Lester.

The 2019 Parker 425 race is sponsored by Impact and the Desert Bluewater Resort & Casino hosts a variety of time trial and race events. The race is part of the Best in the Desert series, some of the most challenging off-road races in the world.

There are different classes that range from car and truck, as well as a dedicated Jeepspeed class.

parker 425

Inside the 2019 Parker 425 Race

From the grueling schedule and the multiple challenges the race presented, it was clear that Ty and the Adonia Racing team had their work cut out for them. No matter what you think about the Parker 425 series, there's no doubting the popularity of the series. 

Easily one of the biggest races of the year for off-road fans, the lure of the challenge, as well as the excitement of this great legend in off-road races is attracting interest from all over the United States.

Parker 425 FAQ

How does the Parker 425 begin? - This event kicks off with their exciting “Time Trial” event, which determines Top starting positions for Trick Trucks, Class 1500 & Class 6100 only.

Once the time trial works through the competitors and slots them accordingly, the attendees get to show off their vehicles at the Show and Shine Experience. This year's show will be held at the Downtown Parker Experience.

All Time Trial vehicles will be on display downtown and then escorted back to the Main Pit Area. This is where the real fun of the Park 425 begins.

Parker 425 Results - 

Justin Matney #4 7:10:29
Tracy Graf #58 7:12:52
Andy McMillin #31 7:19:46
Jason Voss #35 7:24:16
Dan McMillin #23 7:28:12
Corey Keysar #1520 7:30:04
Gary Weyhrich #98 7:32:23
Jon Walker #1589 7:46:15
Jerry Whelchel #37 7:46:46
Tim Herbst #19 7:54:44

Despite the fact that the race took its toll on the Adonia team, they still competed to the very end. Throughout the entire race and event, our very own Ty Davis held down the fort and kept the powertrain running at optimal performance.

This is the level of excellence and performance that Wasatch Diesel stands for. Our commitment to customer service and reliability is second to none. See more of our shop services here, or check out our shop.

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