Case Studies - Killer 6.4L Street Build

Who doesn't love an underdog? We certainly do and when it comes to this project, we teamed up with Choates Engineering Performance to bring you this killer 6.4L Street Build. This customer's truck happens to be a 2008 Ford 6.4L, and it will soon be roaming the streets of UT looking for victims!

Using our proprietary specifications this engine put down 650hp and is fully capable of 750hp and even more. Want a glimpse behind the curtain? We thought you'd never ask!

Case Studies - WDP Killer 6.4L Street Build

This project began with a considerable teardown of the truck. When projects like this begin with tragedy, Wasatch Diesel has the skills to get your truck back on the road!

Killer 6.4L Street Build

Inside the Killer 6.4L Street Build is the heart of a seriously reworked 6.4L power plant. Fully balanced and blueprinted, the short block is stuffed with the combination of ceramic coated Maxxforce pistons.

A pair of Rudy's Diesel Torque 59/72 billet turbos force feeds the Killer 6.4L Street Build through a set of BD Diesel 6.0L exhaust manifolds.

Getting the air to the cylinders is a set of No Limit performance parts. From the intake system and related components, these No Limit parts keep the intake charge clear. Cooling down the boost is a setup from Mishimoto intercooler pipes to help eliminate boost leaks. 

Bringing the cool air charge into the engine is a SR3 ported intake from ODAWG Diesel. Rounding out the fuel components is a full lineup of Alliant performance parts. 

This WDP Killer 6.4L Street Build has a set of Alliant Power injectors and an upgraded Alliant Power K16 fuel pump.

What keeps the fuel and ignition working cohesively is a SCT GTX Tuner. Equipped with a fully customized WDP 6.4L tune, this truck will be the gold standard for reliability. 

Want to learn more about this truck? Check out the recipe for real power below.

More Killer 6.4L Street Build Specifications

Maxxforce pistons
Deliped pistons
Ceramic coated
Torque plate hone
Blue printed
Rudy’s diesel torque/tow 
Rudy’s Diesel 6.0L up pipe conversion
BD Diesel 6.0L exhaust manifolds
New fuel system
WDP Aluminum Pan
Odawgs Diesel SR3 ported intake
No Limit Diesel Intake
No Limit Diesel Catch Can
No Limit CCV Reroute
Mishimoto intercooler pipes
Mishimoto Cross Support
Mishimoto Low temp thermostats
WDP Custom 6.4L tuned
Custom powdering coating by Unknown Coatings aka Shawn Sherves.

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