Case Studies - 2006 Ford F-250 Head Games

Known for its renowned power plant and robust performance, the Powerstroke engine is one of our favorites. Today we'll be working on a 2006 Ford F-250 cylinder head, and cranking up the power. The Powerstroke cylinder head is remarkable in its stock form, but we'll be lighting the performance wick with a host of upgrades.

Some of the Powerstroke modifications we'll be adding to this F-250 will significantly increase performance and efficiency. Adding a Colt Stage 2 camshaft is the heart of his particular case study. We'll also be installing upgraded valvetrain to combat valve float and increasing combustion efficiency.

2006 Ford F-250 Cylinder Head Upgrade

Along with the teardown and rebuild of our Ford F-250 cylinder head project, we'll be o-ringing the cylinder heads. Our proprietary WDP O-Ring modification has been proven to handle all the boost you can throw at your Powerstroke. 

With the F-250 cylinder heads removed, we can begin the teardown and cleanup process. We will be using a set of KDD castings for this upgrade, and we begin the o-ring treatment to the heads.

All of our cylinder head o-ring jobs utilize the highest level of exact machinery, to ensure a positive seal. Once you have o-ringed your Powerstroke heads, you'll be able to crank up the boost much higher than ever before. 

The effect on this Ford F-250 cylinder head modification can be an incredible upgrade for any street truck. Today we take things a bit further with the addition of an upgraded camshaft. Before we install the camshaft however, we need to upgrade the Powerstroke valvetrain.

The upgraded valvetrain allows the Powerstroke cylinder head to keep up with the aggressive camshaft. Lighter components and valves keeps things in order. Stronger valve springs ensures that valve float doesn't become a problem once you start really cranking the power up.

With the new seals and valves in place, we add the finishing touches to the Ford F-250 cylinder head.

The Colt Stage II cam gives this Ford F-250 the aggressive profile perfect for turbocharged performance. What makes the WDP process so much better than the competition? We take our performance seriously. 

Our Ford F-250 cylinder head project is a perfect example of our craftsmanship. Complete with this camshaft upgrade, we also lean on our WDP valve seals. These seals are injected composite filled to improve seal under any conditions.

What's this mean to you? Our WDP Powerstroke valve seals can take a beating without losing seal. This keeps your valve seal intact, stops compression loss cold in its tracks, helps eliminate oil consumption and potentially a runaway engine.

Now that the Ford F-250 cylinder head upgrades are complete, we move onto the bumpstick. This camshaft requires a machine press to remove from the cam gear.

Here we are installing the new camshaft before it's installed into the Powerstroke engine.

What do you think about our Ford F-250 cylinder head upgrade? Check out our WDP services page or drop us a line and see how we can help you take your Ford Powerstroke to the next level!